Apteco Live Online 2020

25 nov 2020 | 10:30 CET - 26 nov 2020 | 13:30 CET

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De jaarlijkse conferentie van Apteco is dit jaar virtueel. Sluit je op 25 - 26 november aan bij het Apteco team voor Apteco Live Online.


Bezoek de ​​online gebruikersconferentie van Apteco in 2020. Verspreid over twee halve dagen dit jaar, om overbelasting van webcasting te voorkomen, kunt u onze jaarlijkse bijeenkomst in een heel ander formaat ervaren dan op onze gebruikelijke eigenzinnige locaties in Londen. We zijn vastbesloten om dit jaar contact te houden met onze partners en gebruikers, ook al kunnen we elkaar niet persoonlijk ontmoeten. We hebben daarom een ​​bomvolle virtuele agenda gepland met al uw favoriete sessies, inclusief product updates, geweldige gastsprekers, award competitie over ‘Best use’ van onze technologie en focusgroepen voor een deep dive in onze software. En onderweg zal er zeker wat lol zijn.

De details

Wanneer: 09:30 - 12:30 uur GMT (UK tijdzone) woensdag 25 en donderdag 26 november 2020 
Waar: online
Draag: wat u maar wilt - er is dit jaar geen dresscode
Tweet: #AptecoLive @Apteco

Alle details en updates over de conferentie worden de komende weken op deze pagina geplaatst.

Agenda (Let op: UK tijdzone)


9.30 Welcome
9.45 Development update
10.30 Break
10.40 Keynote
11.30 Focus groups (choose 1 out of 6 options - see below)
12.20 Winner announcements
12.30 End


9.30 Welcome
9.45 Customer story of the year
10.10 Impact of Covid-19 on marketing - panel session
10.35 Break
10.45 Quick-fire poll
11.00 Focus groups (choose 1 out of 6 options - see below)
11.55 Guest speaker
12:20 Winner announcements
12.30 End

Introducing our 2020 keynote speaker, Dr Hannah Fry, Mathematician, science presenter and all round data badass

Dr Hannah Fry - Apteco Live Online 2020 keynote speaker

What data can and can't tell us about ourselves

The modern era of data analytics is, in some sense, an attempt to automate our decision making - to iron out some of the failings and biases built in to our choices. But decisions driven by data can have blind spots too. In her keynote, Hannah wants to explore a few of them: She’ll question whether we’re thinking enough about the data we can’t see, as well as what we can, she’ll show you how humans so easily fall into the trap of taking the output of their algorithms at face value, and will share some stories about what can go wrong when you design your Ai to shield its users from uncertainty. The goal here is to recognise our own failings, and ask our machines to accommodate them, rather than the other way around. Because, while there is no doubt that data can answer some of our biggest questions, the most powerful applications of Ai are those that also recognise its very real limitations.

You can find Hannah on twitter: @fryrsquared

Geoff Ramm - our 2020 guest speaker

Geoff Ramm

Creator and author of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing

Geoff Ramm is the creator and author of Celebrity Service. He’s challenged and inspired audiences across 43 countries to create award-winning ideas to outperform the competition. His clients include, Emirates, Warner Brothers & McDonalds. 7 years ago he introduced Apteco's conference delegates to OMG Marketing onboard the Silver Sturgeon and now he is back to inspire us once again, but this time in creating a customer experience like no other… FORBES called this….  ‘A Game Changer’.

You can find Geoff on twitter @GeoffRamm

Focus groups

We will be running the following focus group sessions on both days of the conference so that delegates can attend two out of the six options. There is no need to pre-book this year, you simply choose your preferred session from within the online event platform when it is time for the focus groups to start. 


Multi social campaigning in PeopleStage

This focus group takes you through the enhancements made to our social media integration capability in PeopleStage, introducing you to our usability improvements as well as our new functionality to send different direct posts to multiple social platforms in one campaign.

With Liz Walker, Consultant and Matt Such, Support Consultant, Apteco

Aggregation in groups

Join Chris in this session to get a brief review of existing aggregation techniques available in the Apteco Marketing Suite. Chris will go on to outline other potential methods and use-cases. This analytical session will introduce Apteco's Category Grouping aggregation technique, and show its use in many different scenarios.

With Chris Roe, Developer, Apteco

Orbit dashboards – from soup to nuts

Orbit dashboards provide a powerful way to communicate insight from the Apteco Marketing Suite to your stakeholders. In this talk, Adam will show how data from a FastStats® system can be built into an interactive dashboard and shared to other users around the business. All the latest features of Orbit dashboards will be highlighted and you will see how results can then be acted upon through data exports and via automated campaigns.

With Adam Robertson, Senior Developer, Apteco

Real-time in ecommerce – a live use case

Starting from a web shop, this use case will show how web hooks with Live Data and transactional emails offer companies a possibility to react in real-time, with the intelligence from Apteco to deliver smart and meaningful communications across multiple channels like email, wallets and SMS.

With Florian von Bracht, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant and Martin Clark, Managing Director, Apteco GmbH

Event driven behavioural modelling

FastStats® can now help you understand a customer’s behaviour leading up to a point in time when an event occurred for an individual – for example, when they received a communication and responded. Using the Modelling Environment you can launch a Profile tool to target customers exhibiting similar behaviour now. This session will demonstrate this new Q4 functionality, along with a summary of this year’s Behavioural Modelling developments. There will be a chance to discuss and become involved in future developments in this area.

With Ray Kirk, Consultant Developer, Apteco

Build speed optimisation case study

A worked example on how to analyse and improve the build speed of a real world FastStats® system. This session will take you through a case study of what we do when asked to improve the build speed of a system. The case study will include collecting the required log files and design, optimising all parts of the build process including machine performance, extract speed, relationship choices, configuration settings, virtual variables and options to improve the deployment.

With Tim Heron, Senior Developer, Apteco


E-mailuitnodigingen zijn naar geselecteerde Apteco partners verzonden. Vanwege de grote vraag naar deelname aan het evenement zullen plaatsen beperkt zijn en van tevoren gereserveerd moeten worden. Als u een Apteco Marketing Suite gebruiker bent, neem dan voor deelname contact op met uw geselecteerde Apteco partner.

Hoe te boeken - GESLOTEN

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Apteco wil graag alle afgevaardigden vooraf bedanken voor hun deelname aan de online gebruikersconferentie van dit jaar! Laten we contact houden, maar op een veilige afstand.

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