Apteco Q1 2024 software release now available

Gepubliceerd: 08 apr 2024

Take a look at the highlights from Apteco's Q1 2024 software release

This quarter is all about adding even more power to Apteco software, including some new features in the end-to-end platform Apteco Orbit. The Q1 2024 software release includes significant improvements which aim to help users to put insight into action more effectively than ever.Meta ads and WhatsApp messaging in Orbit campaigns

The latest feature in Orbit campaigns is the addition of multi-channel journeys with Meta ads and WhatsApp messaging, allowing users to engage with their audience via their preferred channels via two new powerful integrations. Users can now get messaging with Apteco's WhatsApp direct integration and harness the advertising potential of Meta Ads, on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger using first party data for acquisition and retention strategies in their Orbit campaigns.

Unlock deeper insights with look-alike analyticsApteco have developed a more streamlined user experience with tabbed dashboards in Orbit. Tabbed dashboards give users a clear, structured picture of their information, allowing users to examine multiple views of your data within a single application window, facilitating easy comparison and analysis.  

Users can now unlock deeper insights with look-alike analytics. Using predictive modelling, Orbit users can now identify prospects who closely resemble their best customers, then applying further analysis using the look-alikes model in Orbit.Create campaign audiences from cubes

Also in Orbit, users can now create campaign audiences from cubes. Cubes are useful to visualise complex, multi-dimensional data, enabling users to analyse information from different perspectives. This new feature allows users to create a new audience directly from a selection of one or more cells within a workbook cube and makes the audience creation process more accessible on the fly via full screen cubes.

Apteco FastStats users can now access new and more powerful selection capability for selector variables. The options for making selections using selector type variables have been extended and, in addition to working with the traditional variable pick-list, users can now search for categories in the same way as when working with text variables.

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