Apteco Q4 2023 software release now available

Gepubliceerd: 10 jan 2024

Take a look at the highlights from Apteco's Q4 2023 software release

This quarter is all about adding even more power to Apteco software, including some new features in the end-to-end platform Apteco Orbit. The Q4 2023 software release includes significant improvements which aim to help users to put insight into action more effectively than ever.

Apteco emailThe headline feature in the latest Apteco software release is the launch of Apteco email. This brand new functionality allows marketers to design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

With Apteco email users don’t need to leave the Apteco platform to design their emails, as Apteco's marketing insights platform now allows users to design, automate and send responsive, highly personalised emails. The new integrated email builder provides secure and reliable email delivery functionality, where users can seamlessly move from interrogating their data and creating highly targeted audience lists, to creating and delivering beautiful responsive emails that turn customer insights into campaign actions and results. 

Audience look-alikesAlso in Orbit, Apteco has introduced audience look-alikes, a sophisticated technique used in marketing to find prospects that "look like" existing best customers. By analysing the attributes and behaviours of best customers, users can identify and target new prospects who share these characteristics.

Apteco FastStats users can now make the most of new penetration mapping capability. With enhanced penetration mapping in this release, users can search for, identify and visualise geographical insight in their data using Apteco's new penetrative mapping capabilities in the map tool.Salesforce AppExchange

And finally, with a new integration, users can now access and harness the powerful customer analytics and audience targeting of Apteco via the Salesforce AppExchange. With just a few clicks users can start using the Apteco Salesforce approved solution and connect it to their Salesforce data, applying the rich analysis, insight, and action capabilities of Apteco within minutes! 

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