Apteco incorporates in Canada and extends support to 24 hours

Gepubliceerd: 12 feb 2024

Apteco, the marketing technology business based in Warwick, UK has incorporated in Canada and can now provide support 24 hours per day.

The new business, ‘Apteco Canada Inc.’ is based in Calgary, Alberta and so operates in Mountain Time. This provides a connection between the Apteco UK technical services team and the Apteco Australia technical services team to enable continuous support around the clock.

James Alty, Founder and Managing Director of Apteco said:

“Incorporating Apteco in Canada is part of our development as a Software as a Service (SaaS) business. We now offer analytics and communications functionality to marketing and healthcare teams in the cloud. This allows us to provide powerful and easy to use software accessible any time from anywhere with a network connection. To support our global customers and resellers we now operate support 24 hours per working day with our technical services teams able to manage calls across time zones. Our new business in Canada also enables us to provide better and more timely services to our North American customers with Apteco skills available in their time zone. We expect to extend our reseller and direct customer base in North America as a result.”

Matt Such, Technical Services Director at Apteco Canada Inc. has worked in the Technical Services team at Apteco since 2010. Matt has vast expertise that helps him in his role supporting customers to get the best out of Apteco software. Matt said:

“I’m delighted to be employee number one at Apteco Canada. We have seen the success of other Apteco businesses around the world and I’m delighted to help Apteco provide round the clock support and to open up new opportunities in Canada”.